Yoga Gift Guide: 25 Meaningful Gifts for Yoga Lovers [2021]

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This is the ultimate yoga gift guide for yoga lovers.

In our consumerist society, most lists with gifts for yogis are trying to sell you something. Often times, the items they recommend are playful and funny, but they serve no practical purpose.

Following the yogic principle of non-accumulation –Aparigraha, all the gifts in this guide are useful and thoughtful.

yoga mat

I. Mats and accessories for it

Let’s start with the essentials. Every yogi needs a mat that will serve them well for years.

With mats you usually get what you pay for. Economical mats don’t provide enough grip. This makes holding some poses uncomfortable. Conversely, moisture-wicking mats remain non-slippery even during sweaty practices.

You will see that one of the main differences between mats is their thickness. I currently own a 3mm mat (1/8″) which works fine for me. These mats are designed to provide stability.

Yogis who feel pain in their joints, especially their knees, would prefer a 5 mm or thicker mat (around 1/4″). It might not seem like much, but the extra cushioning makes all the difference. Thicker mats are also best if you plan to use them for training, including high-impact exercises.

Travel mats are what they sound like: mats designed to be convenient for travel. They are lightweight, fold up like a towel but provide the grip of a regular mat.

These are a great gift for yogis who like to take their practice wherever they go. Remember that for yogis their practice is not a chore, it is a treat. So yoga on holiday sounds lovely and exciting.

Hot yoga is a type of yoga practiced in halls with high temperatures and humidity. As you can imagine, it gets incredibly sweaty. Sweat is one of the prime reasons why people slip on their mats.

This is where yoga towels come into play. They grip the mat and are highly-absorbent so that you can practice undisturbed. These towels are also an optimal solution for yogis who sweat a lot in general, especially from their hands.

Believe it or not, carrier bags don’t usually come with your mat. They’re essential for any yogi who likes to practice outside or takes their mat to the studio (the most hygienic choice).

Carrier bags are also an excellent way to show your style as there are so many designs that might sparkle joy. You can also contact a local artist to personalize this yoga gift!

5. Mat Cleaner Spray

Yoga mats can store bacteria, germs, and viruses. It does not sound pretty, but that’s the truth. This is why yoga mats should be gently cleaned after every use. Gift a mat spray to keep the most sacred space to a yogi clean and germ-free.

yoga props, yoga wheel

II. Props

Props are our friends. They allow us to get deeper into some postures, prevent injuries, provide a safe space for progressing into challenging asanas, and overall, bring more comfort.

Yoga blocks are some of the most diffused and appreciated props. They can provide support in balance postures, help you get a deeper stretch, or allow you to relax during a yin session. A set of two blocks is an absolute must for yogis because they have many applications.

Blocks are made of various materials such as foam, cork, and wood.

Foam blocks are the most commonly used as they are versatile, affordable, and lightweight. However, they are not as eco-friendly and sturdy as cork or wooden blocks.

This is another helpful must-have prop. It can be used for shoulder flossing, a simple movement that increases mobility in the shoulder joint. A yoga strap is also used as an extension when you cannot get to your foot in many diverse stretches.

Not every yogi has it, but I bet many would enjoy playing around with it. A yoga wheel is most often used to aid backbends or add stretch to different areas.

bolster gives support so you can sit upright for an extended period. This is key for peaceful meditation. Bolsters are also fundamental for yin or restorative practices.

A soft yoga blanket is a fantastic gift, especially during this time of the year. 

Traditionally, every yoga practice ends with Shavasana (corpse pose). In this asana you must remain in full stillness for 3-10 minutes, focusing on relaxing every area of the body. As you can imagine, the body temperature starts to drop, so it feels nice to cover yourself.

I also use a blanked in slow-paced practices, which don’t build up a lot of body heat. Blankets also serve as padding for many poses. They are an excellent prop to use if you have sensitive knees or neck.

yoga apparel

III. Apparel

Sports clothes are designed to keep sweat away from the body, allow ease of movement and provide support where it is needed. A few comfortable sets of clothes can make a difference in a yogi’s practice.

11. Leggings

Fine leggings are flexible, durable, and they handle sweat well. Besides comfort, consider their appearance because leggings are tight-fitting and revealing.

Just like with mats, the price point matters. I have owned leggings from 10+ brands and I would  recommend you buy from activewear brands versus generic brands that happen to have a sports line.

Sports brands invest a lot in developing moisture-wicking fabrics that keep the body dry and allow it to cool off. They also focus on practical designs that provide ease and comfort in every move. Fashion brands often fail to have this under consideration.

12. Sports Bra

A sports bra might be difficult to purchase for someone else, especially if they have a large bust. It is not only about the fit but also about the support the sports bra will provide.

If you want to gift someone sports apparel but you’re worried about the sizes, you can opt for a gift card. 

Yoga socks are a thoughtful winter gift as for many yogis it might feel too cold to practice barefoot. Regular socks are slippery and therefore inconvenient for practice. In contrast, yoga socks have a grippy underside, which allows you to flow through poses while keeping your feet warm.

yoga space gifts

IV. Gifts for the Yoga Space

These gifts bring atmosphere and convenience to the yoga space. Dedicated yogis love to create a peaceful and relaxing setting where they can fully immerse themselves in their practice.

14. Candle or Incense

Scented candles and incense will bring a pleasant aroma into your yoga space. Go for a scent that is pleasing but not overpowering as this can disturbing. 

Candles can also be used for candle-gazing meditation (Trataka). It cleanses the eyes and has an intriguing object (the flame) that is easy to focus on.

Speaking about fragrance, you might also choose to gift a diffuser and a set of essential oils.

Essential oils have many properties and uses besides their smell. Different oils might be invigorating or relaxing. There is an essential oil for every type of practice, time of the day, or season.

16. House Plant

Plants “recycle” the air. When we breathe, we take oxygen from the air and release carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite, freshening the air and removing toxins.

 Besides, greenery has positive effects on our stress levels and concentration and is also calming to the eyes.

Some plants I would suggest are Peace Lily, Weeping Fig, or Snake Plant for their air purifying capabilities.

Salt lamps are made of pink salt crystals found in areas near the Himalayas. Some claim that the salt releases negative ions, which can improve air quality and your mood. 

I am putting this idea in this yoga gift guide because I appreciate their soft, warm light. It creates a relaxed ambiance that suits restorative classes as well as meditations that help you get to sleep. I’ve also practiced Ashtanga yoga (a physically-demanding type of yoga) in a Shala with dim lights that helped turn within and focus on the breath-movement connection. 

Singing bowls are a type of bell whose tones are deep. Playing these bells has a calming effect on the mind and their sound is also suitable for meditation. I recommend this gift for people who want to create music or feel a deeper connection through sound.

Tea lovers will always enjoy a flavourful tea blend or a selection of teas. There can never be too many tea blends for the people who have a few cups every day. Teas, like essential oils, can have different effects on the body, stimulating the immune system, calming the mind, or energizing the body. This is a great gift for yogis who are looking to bring more mindfulness into their routine. They can easily turn the ritual of making and sipping on tea into a tea meditation.

Having a reusable bottle is both eco-friendly and convenient for the yogis who like to practice in a studio. I’d also recommend it for yogis who travel or walk a lot because it’s an excellent way to stay hydrated. 

What is more, yoga teaches non-violence (Ahimsa) towards all living beings and the environment. Creating tons of plastic waste is in contradiction to this fundamental yogic principle.

gifts for yogis - tea

V. Continuing Education

These presents encourage learning and personal development. They are the perfect yoga gift for the people who seem to have it all (mats, props, apparel, and a cozy yoga space). 

21. Yoga or Meditation Training Course

Yogis love to learn more and deepen their practice. Maybe they want to become a certified yoga teacher. Or they’ve done a Yoga Teacher Training and they’d like to specialize in a specific area such as yin or prenatal yoga. Perhaps they have mentioned a meditation course or a retreat they’d like to attend.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact course the yogi you care for would like. I am sure they will be fine without the surprise factor if you gift them their dream experience. However, do have in mind that this gift can be more costly than the rest of the ideas in this yoga gift guide.

22. Yoga or Meditation Book

This is a simple yet thoughtful gift. I collaborated with eight other yogis to prepare a list of 16 best yoga and meditation books that have transformed our lives. You will surely find on it the right book for the occasion!

23. Yoga or Meditation App Membership

These apps have become the at-home studio for so many yogis during the times of social distancing. They are convenient because you can practice with them everywhere, even without an internet connection. You can download any class for offline use.

I have signed up for Alo Moves because it offers yoga and meditation classes from many different teachers.

Another app on my phone is Insight Timer which is a free meditation timer but also has many guided meditations. I also used to have a subscription to Headspace. It is superb for people who are new to meditation. 

Alternatively, look into the Boho Beautiful app which has been created by two lovely souls I have followed for years. Juliana’s soothing voice fits wonderfully any calming practice.

24. Yoga Journal

I recently saw one of these for the first time and wished I had discovered it earlier. For those who like to write by hand, having a journal can be a fun and fruitful activity.

 You can keep track of the thoughts that arise during your practices, the type of asanas you’ve focused on a given day (say backbends or hip openers), the creative transitions from one pose to another you’ve tried, and so much more. Goal-driven practitioners who like to track their progress might also benefit from a journal. 

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system that tries to balance the mind, body, and spirit. The Ayurvedic diet follows the principles of teachings developed thousands of years ago. According to them, your body has a dominant dosha (substance). The idea is to balance it out through the foods and cooking methods you choose.

An Ayurvedic cookbook can be an outstanding present for the yogis who like to take care of their health from the inside-out or those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.

yoga gift guide

Yoga Gift Guide to Treat the Yogis You Love

I hope this yoga gift guide has helped you choose a present for the yoga lovers in your life. It features both budget-friendly and more expensive suggestions to fit every pocket.

According to the Law of Karma, you get what you put out into the world based on your actions and the motivation behind them. As long as you gift wholeheartedly and without expectations, the price of the gift doesn’t matter. The only thing you need to focus on is bringing joy.


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